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I actually came over to NYC, from the UK, to originally work on stage.  I did.  I trained at The Central School Of Speech And  Drama in London and worked there for many years before making the choice to move over to the US.


Born in the UK, but spending some time living in Australia I grew up training in a variety of sports - Shotokan Karate, horse riding, gymnastics, track, swimming.  My main focus in competition was gymnastics but being on horseback had my heart. My Arab cross horse, Jinx grew up with me. You can't explain the bond with a horse, it's something people have to figure out for themselves. 

My other passion is Jeet Kune Do and Fiilipino martial arts, I am a junior instructor at UMA Brooklyn.  The nature of JKD is a mixed martial art in itself,  and within that I train in Kali, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, boxing and Capoeira. I'm a total nerd with martial arts and currently being mentored to work on fight design, using the variety of different arts I know. I am the first and only woman qualified as a SAMI-CS instructor in the US.

Aside from all of this, when I'd had enough of serving drinks, felt I'd done my time and wanted to do something I care about,  In 2019 I qualified as a NY State EMT and work in emergency services. It's been humbling, heartbreaking and a phenomenal life lesson. It was actually a set medic who helped me navigate losing patients. He said something like - the one thing is that no matter what nobody will die alone.  You will be there to hold their hand, be the last person who they hear or speak to and give them the dignity they deserve no matter who they are.  That ran deep and I always have that at heart. 

The little one at the front! First three
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