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Those were probably some of the first words I heard as a gymnast the I started at 5 years old. I didn't stop hearing those words until I retired.I trained with the UK squad, I broke my arm but still came back fighting and walked away with an un-kickable determination and focus as an athlete.

After retiring from gymnastics I couldn't shake the natural drive to continue in the athletic world, and went on to compete on track, in the martial arts world and on horse back.  I grew up in the saddle and was in competition for show-jumping and gymkhana with my love, Jinx, amongst other incredible horses.

Stunts was a natural progression, after a life-time as an athlete and being on stage, acting. When I made the move to the US, an opportunity opened up from being seen on stage, Off-Broadway, and from then on, the stunt world became the center of my life.

The family that really is the stunt community and the moments of wonder the astonishing work of my colleagues never fails to keep driving me forward, never fails to keep me pushing and helping to create that same wonder and magic for others. 

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